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I’m a holistic health & wellness coach,  I run group exercise classes along with Learn To Nourish cooking workshops - My mission and purpose in life is to help inspire people to mould their mindset into a life of true wellbeing. I educate my clients on how to better understand their relationship with your food, body and self. 


I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years, I see the same thing over and over: People eating the right foods and exercising all the time, only to find they either lose no weight or drop a few kgs and come to a standstill. They try cutting out more calories, going on diets (which never work), working out more frequently, but nothing seems to work. Though they may physically be doing everything right, they fail to look at things like the amount of stress in their work or home life, their sleeping habits, even up to personal beliefs around the body and its inner voice speaking out. 

 I believe there is so much more to health and wellbeing than good nutrition and exercise. I teach you that it’s not only about nourishing our bodies with food, but with good thoughts, words, and experiences as well. Instead of aiming for a “perfect body,” my holistic coaching helps you look at the bigger picture of living a balanced life.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 6 years. During that time, I’ve helped guide and inspire people to change their lives. I’ve worked with many different men and women who have walked a variety of different life paths, from general fitness and weight loss to bodybuilding, and some of the best coaches in Australia and New Zealand have taught me everything I know. But my best knowledge has come from my own journey with fitness, food, body image and the mind. Overcoming my own battles with an eating disorder and body image, I  truly understand the pain, struggle and problems that come along with all of the above. This is why I have developed my Learn To Nourish cooking classes, which educate you food, meal prepping and understanding your relationship with food.

"True health starts from the inside"



A R E A  O F  E X P E R T I S E

Learn To Nourish Cooking Classes

6 Week Online Mindset & Food Transformation Program

Boot-Camps / Small Group / Corporate Programs

Corporate Wellness Talks & Morning Teas

Holistic & Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

Boot-camps, Small Group Training, Corporate Training 




Certificate in Fitness Level 3 & 4

Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach- level 1

Paul Barrett 50 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

EFT/Tapping - Level 1

Eating Psychology's - Transform your relationship with food (online course)

Certified in TRX Suspension Training

Thump Boxing Instructor

First Aid Certified