Searching For The "Perfect Body"


So we all search for this thing called the 'perfect body' we look in the mirror and our inner critic goes crazy.... I'm fat, my thighs are too big, I need a flatter tummy blah blah blah we all know how the story goes. 
Well, I tell you what I I went on this same journey and put myself through extreme dieting and training for 4 years all for this 'perfect body'....Because well then it would make everything better, right? WRONG!!!
It didn't change a thing, I still kept thinking I wasn't good enough! My inner critic still found every little thing I still needed to change or I wasn't happy with, if I reached my goal on the scales it felt good for a minute but then I changed the number and needed to get lower next week. I looked at other fitness competitors and compared myself to them! Don't get me wrong it did feel good to be so lean but I couldn't do anything but train, cook, eat and sleep because I had no energy to do anything else, my friends didn't want to hang out with me because I was grumpy all the time and 'not fun anymore'. Is that really living? 
As soon as I did my fitness comp I would binge out and put so much weight back on (15-20Kg's) and feel shit about myself. This cycle went on for years.... But nothing ever changed because I was focusing on changing the outer to make everything better when I needed to go inside and change my inner world!!
True change and transformation start's from within. 
So today instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing everything about yourself you don't like, how about you give yourself a compliment about how amazing your body is for keeping you alive today, about how strong your thighs are, how great your butt looks or how much work you have already done. 
Don't get me wrong the inner critic will always have something to say, but we don't always have to believe it!!

Love you - you already have the perfect body, for you are so much more than your physical body! 

Below are a few photos of me at competition and after, this went on for 4 years remember so there are a few like this haha, the funny thing is when I took the second and fourth ones I thought I was SO FAT.
But now I see a body, an amazing body that takes me through life, that is my vessel for my soul, that has overcome so many challenges, experienced so many things and been in many different countries. So today I CHOOSE to thank this body for all that it does for me every single day, I CHOOSE to show it love and gratitude instead of beating it up and hating on it.  

How will you CHOOSE to treat your body today...?