Breakfast Ideas

 If we have a high sugar breakfast like cereals,  toast, and spreads or high sugary breakfast drinks this will only lead to a spike in insulin, which will come crashing down and lead you to have another sugary pick me up - maybe that afternoon sweet craving! 

We have all heard it a hundred times before - breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it really is though as it  does set us up for our day ahead. 
Breakfast can be tricky as if we start early we may forget to eat, or we are in a rush - don't have anything prepared, so we get that muffin with our morning coffee. 

We want to be smart about what we eat that this time, we want to have a good source of
.carbs,fats and protein. The protein and fats together will leave us feeling fuller for longer as eating these together will take longer to digest. 
 But you don't have time to cook breakfast in the mornings, I totally understand that. So thinking about what you will be having for breakfast the night before will HELP a lot. Making quick and easy things you can just grab on the run that you have thought about and planned is the best way to go.
When planning these meal you want to think..... 
Where is my protein, carbs and fat's.

My top picks are:

Overnight oats

You can make these the night before in a jar and place in the fridge and grab and run in the morning.
Protein = protein powder
Fats = the milk you use or the Greek yogurt, chia seeds, LSA (whatever one of these you may use)  
Carbs = oats, fruit

Egg Muffins
These are great to have in the fridge for breakfast or great for a snack as well.
Protein = Eggs, bacon
Fats= Egg yolks, bacon
Carbs = veggies you pop in them eg: sweet potato

Protein Pancakes
If you have more time you can make these or make them the night before.
Protein = Egg, protein powder
Fats = Egg yolk, LSA
Carbs = Grains, berries

I hope this helps you a bit if you find breakfast a hard one. You can find these recipes on my page.