I really benefited from the Learn to Nourish workshop, I enjoy cooking healthy food but I had gotten stuck in a rut and wanted some new ideas, which is exactly what I got. I have a sweet tooth so I especially liked trying the 'guilt free' treats for when I have a sugar craving, as I can find sweet things hard to resist otherwise! I also liked the ideas for healthy snacks and lunches that I could take into work. I would definitely recommend it to those who want to eat more healthily, or to those who just want some inspiration for new meal ideas.'

Kate 2016 

Jess’s “Learn to Nourish” workshop is awesome.  It was relaxed, had yummy food and informative.  I’ve completed a number of workshops and by far this was the best one so far.  Jess is personable, knows her stuff, and is really happy to share her knowledge and experience.  Her recipes are simple and have encouraged me to be more of an experimental cook! 

 Hana October 2016

Jess’ food prep workshop was amazing. Very informative but also relaxed and a lot of fun! I found the interactive element of the workshop very helpful as we got to watch Jess prep all the food. I was amazed she managed to cover such a wide range of different meals in the time we had. The workshop was very valuable because it showed me how easy food preparation could be when you get into the habit of it and how easy it is to substitute healthier ingredients into your favourite meals. I would recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to find ways to complement their gym training with clean, healthy eating! 

Georgia May 2016


"Just over a year ago I began my training with Jess on what was not only a physical but mental journey.  I struggled to find balance and wanted to feel healthy and strong, not as a quick fix but a long term life goal. Jess was fantastic at looking into my lifestyle and creating a plan that really suited me.  Jess continues to be the best motivator and always keeps me pushing myself, she has given me confidence and knowledge to venture into intimidating parts of the gym I thought were reserved for the ‘big muscles’. With Jess’s encouragement, I have learnt so much in the last year, from how to listen to my body, to how to engage that muscle on that crazy machine.  To say It’s been a life changer wouldn’t be enough; I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone wanting to feel great within themselves."  Sarah 2016


I was in pretty shabby post baby condition before I joined Boot-Camp with Jess. I felt unfit, unhealthy and unmotivated. 12 weeks on and 53cms down with 10% body fat dissolved I’m feeling so much better. I love the kick start to my week training on a Monday morning gives me and knowing that I’ve got to bring my A game again on a Friday keeps me focussed on quality work outs and good eats in between.

I’ve learnt that I love training in the morning and I like pushing myself alongside other people on the same mission.

Jess has been pro at pushing and supporting the Boot-Camp squad, the weekly newsletters are super helpful and the workouts are the right blend of ass kicking and fun.

I’ll be back to finish the phase two of my health mission in Feb 2016! #shred2K16

- Emma

When picking a trainer I wanted someone who would push me to my limits to get the results I wanted without breaking me.   I also wanted a trainer who would make the sessions fun and instil a long lasting gym habit an healthy lifestyle that I could incorporate into my busy life.   Jess has done all this and so much more!

As a result of working with Jess I have seen amazing results in my fitness, body shape and weight in just a few months.  Her training sessions are intense but rewarding and fun!  She has pushed me to my limits and kept me going.   I look forward to working with Jess to get me to my next set of goals and beyond. 

If you are looking for a fantastic trainer and motivator to help achieve your fitness and health goals while instillinga long lasting and enjoyable gym habit then I would highly recommend Jess.

Cheers , Nina


Thanks Jess and Tess, you have inspired me to get back on track with exercise and healthy eating. My goal was to not miss a single boot it session, and they were so much fun I found myself wishing they were more often than twice a week!

The recipes and weekly newsletter kept me on track and keeping a food diary kept me accountable for what I was eating. But I especially appreciated that you didn't make me feel too guilty each time I fell off the wagon.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our boot it team, this was actually a fun way to loose those stubborn last kilos!!!

Thanks again girls


I started training with Jess 3 years ago on and off. I loved training but always stopped then started again I need a big and challenge – and that’s when Jess said I should do a comp maybe.

I had done one many many years ago but could I go through all the training and diet again! I decied to give it ago. With the help from Jess and the team at Realfit studio I not only reached my goal of stepping on stage I also won! I couldn't have done it without Jess pushing me through my sessions and guiding me the whole way through. 

Kati O’Nagy, 32


When I first came to Jess I was nervous to start training with a personal trainer because I thought I didn't have the strength physically or mentally to be pushed to my full potential.

My insecurities went to the back of my mind after our first session when Jess guided me through each exercise and helped me build up my own pace. She made me feel positive about exercising and it's become more of a hobby than the chore it once was. I saw changes in my body that I didn't think were possible through your exercise and nutrition plans and these changes motivated me to keep going. Jess have taught me and inspired me to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and I would recommend you highly to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness. 

Kind regards,
Edie Larsen


Wow what I thought was going to be 8weeks of hell was far from it!! Sure it was hard and challenging but I've never had as much energy after working out then after these boot it classes. It's taught me To develop a gym routine and made me form firm habits around nutrition.

I’ve also stopped weighing myself daily weekly and then using disappointing results to justify eating bad or boozing up!! Boot it has given me a new outlook to  enjoying the gym and helped me make it part of my lifestyle as opposed to being that thing I need to /have to do! The boot it team was fun to work with and it was inspiring to look around and see others achieving results(you could see some dramatic changes in body shapes On a weekly basis). There was great support in emails and even on boot it off days running into the trainers who always enquires how it was going with your training. 8 weeks down and I've had results I could never of dreamed off. 11.5 kilo lost and a heap of body fat down.inches off my waist.i feel like a new person! 

Boot it was frickin boss as!

James—a fat guy getting thin one day at a time


Laura Before and After her training with Jess

Laura Before and After her training with Jess

"I started training with Jess 18 months ago as I wanted to feel stronger and fitter. I was tired all the time, lacking in energy and had developed some bad eating and drinking habits.

Over the last 18 months, with Jess’s guidance, not only have I reached my fitness goals, I have also lost 20kg without ever feeling like I was dieting or depriving myself. Jess kept me accountable for what I ate, always advocating healthy options and guiding me to make smart food choices. Training with Jess was often tough, but always fun! She’s incredibly motivational, knows her stuff when it comes to training and practices what she preaches – a healthy balanced lifestyle. I would recommend training with Jess to anyone who wants to look and feel fantastic without any crazy fad diets. Jess has taught me how to make health and fitness an important and enjoyable part of my life. I look forward to every session and have never felt better." 

—Laura Byrne, 2013 -2014


"I've been training with Jess for over 12 months; her holistic approach to training really helped me get the results I wanted. I am ten times fitter than I used to be and so much physically stronger than I could ever imagine. If you want great results with a Trainer that cares for you, Jess is certainly the way to go! She won't let you give up."

—Amy Morgan, 27, 2013-2014


"Just before Christmas I decided to do Jess’ 6 week Bikini Body Blitz as I really wanted to lose those last few niggly kilos and get a stronger lower body.

Silly time of year to do it but Jess went over and beyond supporting me through the journey. She texted and emailed me regularly and more often when I needed it, she gave me lots of helpful advice on nutrition and how to curb those sugar cravings especially after a full on legs work out! I’ve always loved lifting weights but I found I was constantly hungry and looking for my next meal. Jess helped me change the way I eat – with heaps of protein and vegetables and I’ve got to say, I don’t feel hungry anymore, I have so much energy, my complexion is better and instead of needing 9.5 hours sleep I now sleep 7-8 hours a night and feel great! Jess pushed me real hard and taught me heaps on how to work out my lower body properly. I’ve seen amazing results and would highly recommend her! What woman wouldn't want to lose 5 centimeters off her hips in 6 weeks!?!"