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8 Week Outdoor Fitness Lifestyle Challenge

Take the leap & let me guide you to becoming the BEST version of yourself. Make the change NOW that will lead you to feeling more energized, confident & healthier than you ever have before!

This is an 8-week group program for all fitness levels. It is in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. The programme not only works on weight loss and body transformations but the mindset and educating you on how to change your lifestyle to have long lasting results. No quick fixes here!  

There are two sessions a week - Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 6-7am. These will be challenging, yet altered to different fitness levels.

You get a welcome pack which includes a nutritional plan with recipes, workouts to do during the week, weekly newsletters that will keep you motivated and be supportive throughout your journey. You also get a 30-minute goal setting and consultation with me, where we make a personalized plan that will fit your lifestyle.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR....... Feel more confident, strong & healthy in 2016! 

Book in now and get a free consultation.

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