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8 Week Bootcamp

Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle by joining Bootcamp!  An 8 week programme designed to give you the tools needed to achieve a happier, healthier & stronger YOU!

I take a holistic approach to training and have over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry. My clients have enjoyed success in her previous rounds. This 8 week programme is all about creating a fitter and healthier you, no quick fixes or extreme diets here - if this is what you want then this programme is not for you. I'm all about creating a life style change you CAN KEEP to for the long haul! 

I do this by giving you the knowledge and guidance to make lifestyle and mindset changes that last!

What the programme covers.....

1.       Training
With the 2 group sessions a week - Wednesday & Friday mornings 6-7am, along with weekly workouts you get to do between the sessions.

2.       Nutrition
This is an integral part of your success and it’s not about eating less, but being educated on how food affects your body and learning to fuel it properly to maximize your results. With lots of yummy and nutritious recipes and meal ideas you won’t be stuck with food options.

3.       Mind-set
I will teach you the mindset of a healthy person and how to get the mind and body to work as one instead of against each other.

With all of these three aspects in one programme you will get the lifestyle changes you have been looking for!

If you are interested in becoming the best version of YOU then register now to book your spot. The numbers are strictly limited in order to focus on your individual training needs.

Sessions are held at Exodus Gym on Tory St, no membership is needed to enter the gym. The sessions are an hour long and are 6-7am Wednesday and Friday mornings.